Make the 2% Pledge to Democratize the Legal Marketplace

When you pledge 2% of your outside legal spend on underrepresented attorneys through LexDock, you join the mission to democratize the legal industry by creating meaningful work opportunities for diverse attorneys outside the traditional Big Law structure.

Help Me Make the Legal Marketplace More Equitable

We are from organizations of all sizes, and fulfill different roles, and we are united in pledging for diversity and inclusion.

Names represent pledges related to 170 GCs Pen Open Letter to Law Firms: Improve on Diversity or Lose Our Business
  • Adeline C. Park, Vice President and General Counsel, PetVet Care Centers
  • Augusto P. Aragone, Executive Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Ingram Micro Inc.
  • Alexandra Letts, General Counsel, Anaqua
  • Alicia Moore, SVP Chief Legal and Administration Officer, Echelon Corporation
  • Allison Buchner, General Counsel, Dollar Shave Club
  • Allison Hoffman, Chief Legal Officer, Intersection
  • Allyson Willoughby, General Counsel, CareZone Inc.
  • Amanda Keton, General Counsel, Tides Network
  • Ambra R. Roth, Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, MACOM Technology Solutions
  • Amie Peters, General Counsel and SVP, IP Licensing & Legal Affairs, Immersion Corporation
  • Amy Keating, General Counsel, Mozilla Corporation
  • Amy Keroes, General Counsel, Brit + Co
  • Andrew W. Kim, SVP Corporate Development, General Counsel and Secretary, NETGEAR, Inc.
  • Andy Dale, General Counsel, SessionM, Inc.
  • Anhthu Le, General Counsel, Ramar International Corporation
  • Anirma Gupta, General Counsel, Tanium Inc.
  • Anita Y. Hsu, SVP and General Counsel, MBK Real Estate Companies
  • Anjali Kumar, Co-Founder, The Justice Dept.
  • Anna L. Barry, SVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Jounce Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Anne F. Preston, SVP, General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer, Saltchuk Resources, Inc.
  • Annemarie Tierney, Head of Strategy and General Counsel, Templum, Inc.
  • Asha Agrawal, Head of Legal, Scoop Technologies, Inc.
  • Avisheh Avini, Chief Legal Officer, Union Square Hospitality Group, LLC
  • Becca Polak, Chief Legal Officer of KAR Auction Services, Inc.
  • Ben Golden, General Counsel, TUNE, Inc.
  • Blake Tierney, General Counsel, Qualtrics
  • Brian Levey, Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer, Upwork Inc.
  • Bridget Ausman, General Counsel, Enrollease Inc.
  • Brittany DeGan, rewardStyle, Inc.
  • Brooke Smarsh, General Counsel, Flow Commerce Inc.
  • Cary Chen, SVP & General Counsel, Recology
  • Caryn G. McDowell, SVP, General Counsel and Secretary, Revance, Inc.
  • Chris Carsen, General Counsel, Corel Corporation
  • Christine M. Garrison, SVP, General Counsel, EdgeCore Internet Real Estate
  • Christopher Sundermeier, General Counsel,, Inc.
  • Colin Sullivan, Head of Legal, Patreon, Inc.
  • Connie Chen, General Counsel, Compliance Officer & Secretary, Quotient Technology Inc.
  • Courtney Barton, WireWheel, Inc.
  • Courtney Browne, General Counsel, Birchbox, Inc.
  • Crystal Sumner, General Counsel, Blend Labs, Inc.
  • Dana DuFrane, General Counsel, The RealReal, Inc.
  • Dana Rosen, General Counsel, ALM Media
  • Danielle Merida, General Counsel, TaskRabbit
  • Darcy Manning, Chief Legal Officer, VP Finance & Secretary, DHC USA Inc.
  • David Fligor, General Counsel & Secretary, Adaptive Spectrum and Signal Alignment, Inc.
  • Debra A. Olson, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Cupertino Electric, Inc.
  • Devang Shah, General Counsel, ContextLogic, Inc.
  • Diane M. Peters, General Counsel, Creative Commons
  • Diankha Linear, Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Convoy, Inc.
  • Douglas McPherson, General Counsel, OpenX Technologies, Inc.
  • Dylan Marvin, General Counsel, Brandwatch
  • Elaine Divelbliss, General Counsel, Kargo Global, Inc.
  • Elaine F. Foreman, General Counsel, Topia Limited
  • Elaine F. Stein, General Counsel, TBWA Worldwide Inc.
  • Elise Zealand, General Counsel, Rising Ground
  • Elizabeth T. Duong, VP & General Counsel, Business & Staffing Solutions, ActOne Group
  • Emily Groden, General Counsel, The Alinea Group and Tock
  • Eric Cheung, General Counsel, Naspers Ventures
  • Eric Drattell, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Roostify Inc.
  • Erin Abrams, General Counsel, Via
  • Eve Chaurand, General Counsel, Callisto
  • Eve Wachtell, General Counsel, AltSchool, PBC
  • Fleur Knowsley, Acting General Counsel & Compliance Lead, Google Fiber Inc.
  • Gail D. Makode, SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, IES Holdings, Inc.
  • Galya Blachman, General Counsel, 5AM Ventures
  • Gizelle Barany, General Counsel, Marqeta, Inc.
  • Heidi Garfield, General Counsel, Shutterstock, Inc
  • Hilary M. Wandall, General Counsel and Chief Data Governance Officer, TrustArc Inc.
  • Hoyun Kim, Chief Legal & People Officer, ExecOnline, Inc.
  • Ira Lam, General Counsel, Forte Labs, Inc.
  • Irene Liu, General Counsel, Checkr Inc.
  • Irvin Tyan, General Counsel, AutoRABIT, Inc.
  • Jane Froyd, General Counsel, Flynn Restaurant Group LP
  • Janene I. Asgeirsson, Vice President, General Counsel, Acacia Communications, Inc.
  • Jarett Nixon, Head of Legal, ThousandEyes, Inc.
  • Jeanine Percival Wright, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Legal Officer, Simplecast
  • Jeanna C. Steele, General Counsel, Sunrun Inc.
  • Jennifer Dumas, General Counsel, Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence
  • Jennifer Pileggi, SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, Zuora, Inc.
  • Jeremy Strauss, Vice President and General Counsel, NEC Corporation of America
  • Jessica J. Marquez, VP, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, CHRO - Hy Cite Enterprises LLC
  • Jessica Zhou, Chief Legal Officer, MetricStream Inc.
  • Jill Simeone, General Counsel & Secretary, Etsy, Inc.
  • Joyce E. Johnson, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Addivant USA, LLC
  • Judi Otteson, VP, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, NeoPhotonics Corporation
  • Julie Hwang, General Counsel and Secretary, Prosper Marketplace, Inc.
  • Julie Kinch, SVP, Chief Legal Officer, Heineken USA, Inc.
  • Karen Lorenzo, General Counsel & EVP Business Affairs, Tribeca Enterprises LLC
  • Karla L. Jarvis, SVP, General Counsel & Secretary, The Rockport Company, LLC
  • Kate Henningsen, SVP & General Counsel, Arcadia Power
  • Katherine G. Minarik, General Counsel, cleverbridge
  • Kathleen B. Patton, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, CarGurus, Inc.
  • Kathy L. Hibbs, Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer, 23andMe, Inc.
  • Kathy Leo, Chobani Global Holdings, LLC
  • Katy Motiey, Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel, Extreme Networks, Inc.
  • Kelly M. Conway, General Counsel, Linden Research, Inc.
  • Kevin Vosen, Chief Legal Officer, Waymo
  • Kirsten Mellor, General Counsel, Udacity, Inc.
  • Kristin Sverchek, General Counsel, Lyft, Inc.
  • L. Scott Askins, General Counsel, Kabbage, Inc.
  • Laura Malinasky, Chief Legal Officer, Planet Labs Inc.
  • Lauren Neiswender, General Counsel, Blue Nile, Inc.
  • Lauren S. Fisher, Chief Legal Officer, Vox Media, Inc.
  • Lauren Segal, General Counsel, The 3% Movement
  • Laurie A. Poulos, VP, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, TRANZACT
  • Leah Goldberg, General Counsel, East Bay Community Energy
  • Leah Shough, General Counsel, JustAnswer
  • Lily Toy, VP of Legal, Dialpad, Inc.
  • Lily Yan Hughes, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer & Corporate Secretary, Public Storage
  • Lina Brenner, SVP Legal, Nurx
  • Linda Selker, VP, Head of Legal, Quantstamp, Inc.
  • Lisa Anastos, General Counsel, Payfone, Inc.
  • Liz Simon, General Counsel & VP, External Affairs, General Assembly
  • Liza Kostinskaya, Head of Legal, Gusto
  • Lora D. Blum, Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, SurveyMonkey, Inc.
  • Lori Sinanyan, General Counsel, HatchBeauty Products and Chinese Theatre
  • Louis Willacy, General Counsel, Tari Labs
  • Lucas Huizar, General Counsel, CircleUp Network Inc.
  • Lynn A. Whitcher, General Counsel, Md7
  • Margo M. Smith, Chief Legal Officer, Snowflake Computing, Inc.
  • Mariah Panza Garcia, General Counsel & Chief Legal Officer, Conco
  • Marina Gracias, General Counsel, Varo Money, Inc.
  • Mark Liu, General Counsel, AppDirect
  • Marty Collins, SVP & General Counsel, QuinStreet, Inc.
  • Matt Gipple, General Counsel, Cruise Automation
  • Matthew A. Forkner, General Counsel, Pluralsight, Inc.
  • Maureen A. Sheehy, General Counsel, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
  • Meredith Lazarus Smith, General Counsel, STASH
  • Michal Rosenn, General Counsel, Expa
  • Michelle Fang, Chief Legal Officer, Turo Inc.
  • Michelle Paulson, General Counsel, [redacted], Inc.
  • Mitchell Bompey, General Counsel, Addepar, Inc.
  • Molly Grovak Abraham, General Counsel, Kitty Hawk Corp.
  • Monique Ho, General Counsel, Moogsoft Inc.
  • Myra Pasek, General Counsel and Secretary, Ouster, Inc.
  • Nancy Gardner, Chief Legal Officer, S&P Global Ratings
  • Nancy J. Laben, EVP, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Natasha Cupp, General Counsel and Secretary, Ladder Financial Inc.
  • Nicky Espinosa, General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer, HeartFlow, Inc.
  • Nicole Campbell, Chief Legal Officer, App Annie Inc.
  • Nicole Linda Kelsey, General Counsel and Secretary, Amyris, Inc.
  • Nishat Ruiter, General Counsel, TED Conferences, LLC.
  • Olga Rodstein, Head of Legal, Electric Imp, Inc.
  • Olga V. Mack, Vice President of Strategy, Quantstamp, Inc., Founder of Women Serve on Boards, and former General Counsel of ClearSlide, Inc.
  • Peter Dwoskin, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development & General Counsel, U.S. News & World Report
  • Raj Aji, SVP, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer,
  • Rebecca Eisenberg, independent GC, former GC of Reddit, Trulia, Flip Video, AdBrite and Vouch.
  • Rebecca Fine, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Athena Art Finance Corp.
  • Robert Mahnke, General Counsel of Fundbox
  • Robin Abrams, EVP, General Counsel, vTv Therapeutics/General Counsel, SIGA Technologies
  • Ruchi Kaushal, General Counsel, Cable & Wireless Communications
  • Sally Rau, General Counsel, Cambium Networks
  • Samantha Harnett, SVP and General Counsel, Eventbrite, Inc.
  • Sangeetha Raghunathan, General Counsel, Indiegogo
  • Saria Tseng, VP Strategic Development, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.
  • Scott Robert Shipman, Chief Legal Officer, AppLovin Corporation
  • Shalini Swaroop, General Counsel, Marin Clean Energy (MCE)
  • Sharon Carmeli, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Bluevine Capital Inc.
  • Sharon Segev, Chief Business Affairs & Legal Officer, Smule, Inc.
  • Sharon Zezima, General Counsel & Secretary, Pax Labs
  • Sherwin Chen, General Counsel & Secretary, Color Genomics, Inc.
  • Shirin Malkani, General Counsel & Head of Strategic Partnerships, Schireson Associates LLC
  • Sivan Whiteley, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Square, Inc.
  • Stephen A. Riddick, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, Tenable Holdings, Inc.
  • Stephanie King, former SVP, GC of AdRoll, Inc.
  • Su-Jin Lee, VP and General Counsel, Popsugar Inc.
  • Sumeet Ajmani, General Counsel, Nova Credit Inc.
  • Susan Wiseman, SVP Legal and General Counsel, Braze, Inc.
  • Suzanne Law Marisa, General Counsel, OVHcloud
  • Suzy M. Lee, Vice President & General Counsel, Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
  • Tanya Willacy, VP, General Counsel, ENGIE Storage
  • Thomas Chow, General Counsel & Secretary, PubMatic, Inc.
  • Tiffany L. Morris, General Counsel and VP of Global Privacy, Lotame Solutions, Inc.
  • Tom Lue, General Counsel, DeepMind
  • Tricia Timm, General Counsel, Looker Data Sciences, Inc.
  • Ulysses Hui, General Counsel, JDI Display America, Inc.
  • Yoko Miyashita, SVP, General Counsel, Getty Images, Inc.

It’s Time to Change

The facts are stark. Despite numerous open letters from hundreds of industry leaders, the most recent statistics show little improvement when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

Black attorneys constitute only 4.7% of Big Law firms

Recent law school graduating classes are composed of 50% women
33% racial & ethnic minorites

But it will take another 50 years for the largest 200 firms to have partners who represent these demographics*

* The Intel Rule: Action to Improve Diversity in the Legal Profession

Without a viable alternative to the traditional Big Law paradigm, law firms have no incentive to undertake meaningful steps to include or promote women and underrepresented practictioners.

My Mission

As a woman attorney of Palestinian descent, I founded LexDock with one primary mission - to democratize the legal marketplace by directly connecting enterprises with underrepresented attorneys. I am passionate about empowering diverse lawyers to build a book of business and enabling female practitioners to work flexible hours that accommodate their family’s needs.

Abeer Abu Judeh, Esq.

How can I partner with LexDock?

By taking the pledge, you would help deliver on Pillars I & II of the JP Morgan & Chase open letter* by: (1) engaging an external supplier wholly owned by a diverse lawyer who was born in a refugee camp (El Daheisha) and immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life and higher education; and (2) your team would connect with a diverse group of attorneys to work on your matters thereby passing any benefits directly onto them and the communities in which they reside.

* An Open Letter to the Global Legal Community

As part of the pledge, LexDock will offer participating attorneys:

  • A full profile on LexDock to attract new business
  • Free subscriptions for 1 user and up to 1 GB of storage
  • Retention of fees
  • Collaboration with specialized independent attorneys on complex matters
  • Opportunities to build a book of business
  • Flexible work hours
  • Advanced tools and features to manage their legal matters
  • Secure communication channels
  • Training, CLE programs, mentorship and growth
  • A network of legal support professionals including administrators, paralegals and law clerks
  • Exclusive offers from vendors catering to solo and small businesses, including loans, legal research, court filing, virtual depositions, malpractice insurance and office supplies to name a few.

What is LexDock

To seamlessly connect corporations with underrepresented attorneys, LexDock offers a comprehensive legal affairs management suite for its users. The platform’s intuitive case management system equips members with the tools to oversee each legal matter in real-time. With advanced workflow, communication, collaboration and billing features embedded in every matter, members are able to stay up to date, on task and on budget. More importantly, businesses have access to a pool of talented attorneys working together to meet all of their legal needs through one convenient portal.

“Even though I don’t have an internal legal team, with LexDock I feel supported by a network of talented practitioners who work together to serve as my on-demand legal counsel.” Mike Holmes
President, ONEAGLES

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