My love for the law began early on. When I was a law student, I worked at a non-profit organization where I helped disabled and indigent individuals navigate the rigors of the legal system. Over the years, my love for the practice swelled. I also grew to recognize the sobering reality small practitioners, women, and minority attorneys face--as they are often overlooked by larger law firms.

As a woman and a minority, I’m passionate about creating and fostering a culture of acceptance and opportunity in the legal community. LexDock is my American dream to build a safe haven where all attorneys are able to practice law with dignity—and a place where businesses can feel confident that they are not only receiving top-notch legal services, they are helping talented attorneys jump start and boost their own businesses.

I believe the first step in affecting change in the world is awareness and education. Below are some helpful resources in learning more about historical hurdles faced by women and minorities in the practice of law, and why LexDock is committed to answering in-house counsels’ call for quality representation.

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