For most small to medium sized businesses, managing legal affairs can seem impossible.

How do you know you are making the right decisions?
How do you even begin to hire the right attorney?
The good news is—now it can be as easy as opening an app. With LexDock.

Simplified Legal Affairs Management

LexDock offers business clients an innovative solution to the seemingly impossible task of managing internal legal affairs. Our legal concierge platform features a cloud-based subscription software solution where businesses and organizations can conduct all of their legal affairs in one secure location, freeing up business leaders to get back to what they do best—running their business.

Demystified Billing

We work with you to customize the level of concierge service that best fits the needs of your organization. Pre-negotiated rates and transparent billing lets you get to business faster. No more back and forth, no more sticker shock. You can securely monitor progress, consolidate efforts, review invoices, and communicate with your attorney in real time – keeping you on schedule and on budget.

Customized Legal Service Delivery Solutions

Whether you are negotiating an employee contract, leasing commercial space, or protecting intellectual property, our legal concierge connects you to the pre-vetted attorney that best suits your needs for each project. Our incredible pool of local, diverse, and talented practitioners work individually and collaboratively to assure the best decisions are being made to protect and grow your business.

LexDock’s legal concierge platform offers a subscription software solution where businesses can manage all of their legal affairs, allowing your organization to:

  • Benefit from customized consultations and solutions that prioritize your work and assign matters to pre-vetted counsel
  • Gain confidence through transparent oversight of the legal professionals working on behalf of your business
  • Enjoy hassle-free pre-negotiated rates based on the attorney’s education, experience and skills
  • Organize, manage, and maintain all legal documentation on a secure, cloud-based platform
  • Develop a legal strategy with a realistic budget for your business and future growth
  • Conveniently and quickly review invoices, consolidate expenditures, and generate rea-time reports of activities and spending
  • Manage your budget and review work progress and billing reports in one secure location
  • Rate your legal professionals and offer insight on improving services